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Proven end-to-end fulfillment solutions for grocery leaders.


There is no one solution for all markets. We customize our approach based on area specific factors to meet unique customer needs.


We delivery our clients a suite of e-grocery fulfillment technology that delivers a return on investment and the ability to evolve through innovation.


Grocers can incorporate unique local vendors into their assortment with our endless aisle and reverse logistics technology.


We reduce grocery retailer’s waste to 0.5% of sales and eliminate plastic bags from delivery.

Build an e-grocery ecosystem that delivers on sustainability and profitability

Proven Expertise

Food-X has over 20 years of experience in online grocery and a proven track record of delivering for large grocery retailers.

Seamless Integration

After working with large retailers and being grocers ourselves, we recognize the importance of maintaining existing systems to lower execution risk and improve speed.

Speed to Market

Food-X Technologies takes large grocery retailers ecommerce fulfillment capacity to the next level in under 9 months 


Our technology adapts to you, not the other way around.
Flexible end-to-end solutions that enable grocers to deliver groceries online
profitably and efficiently with existing legacy assets.

Rethinking your Ecosystem

Micro-fulfillment? Dark stores? In stores?
We’ve done it all.
To stay competitive, Food-X provides a flexible solution which allows retailers to create a fulfillment ecosystem at a lower capital investment.

Winning on Waste

The world wastes $400 billion of food before it even reaches store shelves.
Food-X enables retailers to achieve waste as low as 0.5% of sales.

Winning on Local

Food-X has designed its model with the end customer in mind. Our endless aisle and reverse logistics technology enables retailers to incorporate unique, local products that customer love into their online assortment.

Winning on Plastic

Food-X enables retailers to eliminate plastic bags from their operations. We want to empower retailers to take responsibility for the single-use packaging they sell.

Agile deployment options to fit unique needs

Dark Store

1,000 – 7,500 SQM


100 – 1,000 SQM


Retail Clients
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