Our Evolution.

20 years of experience in online grocery, growing from an independent and local online grocer to an end-to-end eGrocery fulfillment platform.

  • 1997

    Local & Organic Online Grocer

    Award winning online grocer
    Local and organic food pioneers 

  • 2018

    End-to-end eGrocery Software Platform

    SaaS for grocery retailers to operate profitable fulfillment centers
    Productized technology for inbound, inventory, picking and delivery
    Partnered with Microsoft and others 


Our Technology.

Customizable technology that adapts to your business model.

Simplified Overview.

The FoodX Ecosystem at 10,000 ft.

Customizable Rules Engine.

FoodX software has the only customizable rules engine on the market today.

Modifiable rules engine based on your direct needs that can evolve with your growth.

Our Tech Stack.

Integrate with your existing systems and own your customer data.


Dynamic set of hardware and software components tailored to eGrocery fulfillment. 


More efficient fulfillment cycle reduces inventory holding costs, increases accuracy. 


Seamlessly integrates with current legacy grocery retail systems.


Flexibility to add, substitute or integrate with other components.  

Plug and Play Tech.

Seamlessly connects to existing grocery systems.
Low risk integration.

Best in class automation and picking technology.

Our centres have a low capital investment with lightening fast ROI. You can be fully operational in under 6 months.  With an incredibly efficient use of automation we have tailored solutions that are adaptable to your market and local consumer trends.

Efficient Reverse Logistics.

Solution proven in any climate and market.

Route optimization for profitable urban and suburban delivery as well as click-and-collect. Reverse logistics increases truck capacity for sustainability initiatives.

Commissary Kitchen.

Drive in demand, higher margin offerings with HMR.

Minimize food waste through use in prepared meals. Adapts to your unique business operations. (Pharmacy, Bakery, Deli)

Sustainable Distribution.

Sustainable packaging & distribution practices.

Our tech creates sustainable distribution practices and minimizes single use packaging and waste while delivering fresh food fast.

Proven Expertise. Seamless Integration. Rapid Deployment.

Go live in 6 months or less.

Utilize FoodX technology to build an e-grocery ecosystem that delivers on sustainability and profitability

FoodX has over 20 years of experience in online grocery and a proven track record of delivering for large grocery retailers. After working with large retailers and being grocers ourselves, we recognize the importance of maintaining existing systems to lower execution risk and improve speed.

Enhanced Inbound.

Optimized demand planning, procurement and receiving tools.

Intelligent Fulfillment.

Integrated intelligence and balanced automation for efficient picking, packing and replenishment.

Live Inventory.

Live visibility through real-time data flows between eCommerce platform and facility systems.

Fresh Delivery.

Route optimized delivery software, passive cooling and Reverse Logistics creates an amazing customer experience.

Agile Deployment & Build Options.

Micro-fulfillment? Dark stores? In stores? We’ve built them all. To stay competitive, FoodX provides a flexible solution which allows retailers to create a fulfillment ecosystem at a lower capital investment.

Scaleable Solutions.

Any size. Any location. New or existing buildings. Agile deployment options tailored and built to your business operations.

Micro Fulfillment.

Within or adjacent to retail store
1,000 – 10,000 SF

Dark Stores.

Dedicated separate location
10,000 – 75,000+ SF

Fulfillment Network.

Existing real estate assets are integrated into an agile fulfillment network that efficiently fulfills orders and minimizes shrink.

Flexible Integration Model.

Choose the solutions you need and seamlessly integrate with any existing software and business processes.

Speed to market.

Take your ecommerce fulfillment capacity to the next level in under 9 months.

Low capital expenditure.

Our capital efficient fulfillment centres have a low capital investment and fast ROI.

Profitable unit economics.

20% capacity typically delivers break even profitable and becomes increasingly attractive at scale.

Learn More.

How it works.

How it’s implemented.

How it makes a difference.

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